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Displaying 1 to 100 out of 209 Doctor of Osteopathy licensees with last names starting with the letter L .

Note that this list includes both active and inactive licensees.

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La Tour, Tamara
Labruzzo, Salvatore
LaButti, Ronald
Lacefield, Cary
Lacefield, Leonard
Lacy, Elizabeth
Lad, Madhuri
Lafon, Peter
Lagasse, Randall
Lahr, Stevan
Lahr, Tammi
Lairamore, Leigh-Beth
Lairamore, Nathan
Laird, Gordon
Lairet, Julio
Lake, Jack
Lakin, Terry
Lakin-Southern, Kayla
Lala, Faisal
Lamb, Kerby
Lamberson, Jack
Lambert, Gary
Lambert, Raeanne
Lamkin, Brian
Lamoureaux, Donald
Land, Sarah
Landers, Michael
Landrum, Joe
Lane, Aaron
Lane, Brandon
Lane, Christopher
Lane, Gerald
Lane, Janan
Lane, Kevin
Lane, Larry
Lang, Gary
Langer, Michael
Langerman, Bret
Langerman, R.
Langerman, Richard
Langford, Tracy
Langkamp, Karl
Langley, Dan
Langley, Jean-Maria
Langner, Christine
Lantrip, Linda
Lantz, Melissa
Largent, Janell
Larsen, Jordan
Larsen, Sean
LaRue, David
Lash, Donald
Latham, Whitney
Latus, Thomas
Lauer, Scott
Laughlin, David
Laughlin, Sidney
Lavendusky, William
Lavis, James
Lawrence, Michael
Lawson, Robert
Lawson, Robert
Layne, Keith
Le, James
Le, Tinh
Leader, Beth
Leadford, Jacinda
Leahey, Thomas
Leal, Christie
Leckie, Ronald
Ledbetter, Bryan
Ledbetter, Michael
Ledley, AnnMarie
Leduc, Linda
Lee, Brian
Lee, Christopher
Lee, Daniel
Lee, David
Lee, Eric
Lee, Esther
Lee, Evan
Lee, Howard
Lee, Jason
Lee, Jeff
Lee, Jennifer
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Lane
Lee, Le
Lee, Michael
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Sandra
Lee, Sang
Lee, Terry
Leever, J.
Leever, John
Lefors, Larry
Lehew, John
Lehew, Robert
Lehman, R.
LeMaster, Fred

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