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LAW - OKLAHOMA ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL AND SURGICAL LICENSURE AND SUPERVISION ACT Title 59 O.S., Sections 480 - 518.1 - last updated November 1, 2014
Telemedicine Act (SB726) Effective November 1 2017
Complete copy of HB1804 Oklahoma Taxpayer Protection Act (OTPA), more commonly referred to as the Immigration Act, became effective on November 1st 2007.
Perinatal Hospice Reporting Statute - EFFECTIVE NOV 1, 2014
Oklahoma Health Care Providers' Responsibilities and Rights Under Certain Medical Treatment Laws
Oklahoma Health Care Providers' Responsibilities and Rights Under Certain Medical Treatment Laws (OMTLA) - HB2603
2018 Informed Consent Letter - regarding 63 O.S. § 1-738.2 - Voluntary and Informed Consent - Compliance by Physicians
Important Abortion Reporting Requirements - notice to Physicians in Oklahoma for 2017
Oklahoma Open Records Act - Title 51, Oklahoma Statutes §§ 24A.1-24A.24


OAC 435 Telemedicine rules adopted by the Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision on January 16, 2014 and effective September 12, 2014.
Physician/Patient Relationship - Effective 4-25-2010
OAC 435 Chapter 10-7-12. Establishing a physician/patient relationship; exceptions
OAC 435 Chapter 10-4-6 Regarding minimum passing USMLE Scores
Access to Medical Records, Copies, Waiver of Privilege - UPDATED
Intractable Pain Rule
Definition of Levels of Supervision other than PA and APN
Eligibility to Supervise Advanced Practice Nurse with Prescriptive Authority
Physician Assistant Prescriptive Authority
OAC 435-1.1.7 Fees - Updated March 2009 - FEE SCHEDULE effective 3/3/2017
Information for Patients and Their Families: Your Medical Treatment Rights Under Oklahoma Law updated Dec 22 2014


Position Statement on Definition of Face to Face Encounter by Telemedicine in Oklahoma
Board Certification Equivalency Policy - Oklahoma Administrative code 435:10-7-2. Updated 06/29/2012
Policy - Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain
Affirmative Action Plan - Updated Nov 2009


Best Practices for Opioid Prescribing - SB 1446 Goes into effect Nov. 1, 2018. These guidelines will help you stay in compliance. - Updated 10/31/18
Sample Written Opioid policy - as required for the "Qualifying Opioid Patient" as described in SB 1446.
Sample Patient-Provider Agreement - Opioid Therapy Patient/Provider Agreement as described in SB 1446.
Opioid Fact Sheet for Patients - revised October 2018
Guidelines for Office-Based Surgery and other Invasive Procedures
Position Statement and Guidelines regarding Sexual Misconduct
Prescribing on the Internet
Policy and Guidelines for Medical Spas & Aesthetic Procedures - 11-7-2008
Sample Letter - Terminating the Doctor/Patient Relationship - updated November 2011
Closing or Relocating the Physician’s Office
Medical Record Retention updated 06/2012
Assessment and Treatment Providers - updated July 2018
Choosing and implementing EHR/EMR systems? OFMQ's Health Information Technology Group OFMQHIT is dedicated to working with health care providers and small hospitals on choosing and implementing EHR systems. Please follow the link to their website.
Medical Office Audit Checklist This checklist is made available as a tool every doctor’s office can use to ensure proper settings are in place. Use of this checklist is optional - updated 5/7/2014
Guide to access online presentation to: Oklahoma Health Care Providers’ Responsibilities and rights Under Certain medical treatment Laws (HB2603)
Fact Sheet: Microblading
Oklahoma State Department of Health resource on: Microblading
MD Re-Entry Guidelines
U.S. Medical Regulatory Trends and Actions - Report published by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) about the work of the nation’s state medical boards and their mission of public protection. Also includes national data on physician licensure, discipline and demographic trends.