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The Oklahoma Physical Therapists Committee is happy to welcome you to their new website. We hope you find much useful information. We are grateful to the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision for the support of this site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our main office at 405-962-1400.

"Physical therapy" means the use of selected knowledge and skills in planning, organizing and directing programs for the care of individuals whose ability to function is impaired or threatened by disease or injury, encompassing preventive measures, screening, tests in aid of diagnosis by a licensed doctor of medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, dentistry, or podiatry and evaluation and invasive or noninvasive procedures with emphasis on the skeletal system, neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary function, as it relates to physical therapy.

The Physical Therapy Committee assists the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision in conducting examinations for applicants and to advise the Board on all matters pertaining to the licensure, education, and continuing education of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants and the practice of physical therapy.

Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Date Agenda (last modified) Results
December 3 2021 Agenda (12/01/2021) Results
September 2021 Agenda (09/08/2021) Results
May 2021 Agenda (05/26/2021) Results
March 2021 Agenda (03/24/2021) Results
January 2021 Agenda (01/26/2021) Results
December 2020 Agenda (12/01/2020) Results
October 2020 Agenda (09/28/2020) Results
May 2020 Agenda (05/11/2020) Results
March 2020 Agenda (03/30/2020) Results
January 2020 Agenda (02/04/2020) Results

Forms & Resources

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What you should know about physical therapy Information for the general public from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT)
Allied Professionals Registration Click on the link to the left to fill out your Application for licensure Online. This is for New Licenses and Reinstatements only. A PDF containing the instructions may be downloaded below
PT or TA Compact Privilege - New! Oklahoma recently became a PT Compact state. If your home state is also a member, you may quickly and easily apply through the compact for privileges to practice in Oklahoma as a PT or PTA. (also see new proposed rules above)
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS for Licensure Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant - Last updated - Dec 2019.
Evidence of Status Form - New legislation took effect November 1, 2007, requiring the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision to issue a license only to U.S. citizens, nationals and legal permanent resident aliens; and to applicants who present valid documentary evidence of: A valid, unexpired immigrant or nonimmigrant visa status for admission into the U.S.; A pending or approved application for asylum in the U.S.; Admission into the U.S. in refugee status; A pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the U.S.; Approved deferred action status; or A pending application for adjustment of status to legal permanent residence status or conditional resident status. Applicants in the above six categories will only be eligible to receive a license card that is valid for the time period of their authorized stay in the U.S., or if there is no date of end to the time period of their authorized stay, for one year. The information will be verified through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program, operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In order to verify citizenship or qualified alien status, applicants for licensure by endorsement or examination or for reinstatement of their license, must submit an Evidence of Status Form and the required supporting documentation with their application.
Oath and Photo Page - must accompany all new license applications.
Form 1 - Allied Verification of Education Updated 2/25/16
Form 3 - Allied Verification of Licensure Certification
Form 5 - Verification of Supervision for supervision for BOTH INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP settings. (Updated 09/24/2021). See the FAQ under Guidelines on the PT Committee Laws & Rules Page.
Extended Background Check (EBC) Consent to Perform Criminal History Background Check in Compliance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Service Code: 2B7NYB
SAMPLE PTA Supervision Log - This is just an example and you are free to create your own log.
PT/PTA Approved Continuing Education Courses For the Reporting Period 01/01/2020 to 12/31/2021
PT/PTA Approved Continuing Education Courses For the Reporting Period 01/01/2018 to 12/31/2019
PT Continuing Education Approval - Use our new online system to submit new CE Courses for approval. Be sure to first check the list of Approved Courses above to see if a course is already listed.
Pre-Graduation Examination Form - updated Aug 27, 2013
List of submitted CE courses that were NOT APPROVED
Application for Modification - submit this form for a Name Change on an existing license along with official documentation (copy of marriage license, divorce decree, etc) and fee.
Time Deficiencies - Use this form to report gaps in your employment history when applying for a license.


Public Information
Professional Information


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PHYSICAL THERAPY PRACTICE ACT Title 59 O.S., Sections 887.1 - 887.18
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact - HB 3336 Effective: Nov 1 2018


PT & D.O.T. Physicals - regarding the legality of Physical Therapists performing physicals for the Department of Transportation ("DOT").

Proposed Rules / Notices

2020 Physical Therapy Compact Commission Draft Rules, Amendments, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Public Comment - Posted 9/18/2020
PT Compact Committee Proposed Rules - Clarifies Jurisprudence requirement for Compact and adds new rule requiring self-reporting of confidential alternative programs for the individual. Posted 9-16-21


Personally Identifiable Information notice - describes how the board stores and uses Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


PTA FAQ - Frequently-asked Questions about the NEW Supervison Rules Effective May 11, 2009 for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants - What You Need To Know.
Position Statement on Physical Therapist Assistants and Sharp Debridement AMENDED 6/24/2011
Position Statement on Physical Therapists and Nerve Conduction Studies Update 4/12/13
Analysis of Competencies for Dry Needling by Physical Therapists Report prepared for the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists and Direction Of Mobilization/Manipulation: An Educational Resource Paper prepared for the American Physical Therapy Association

Continuing Education Requirements

Cycle ends December 31 every odd year

If you are a Physical Therapist you must obtain forty (40) hours of approved continuing education every two (2) years (i.e. – from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015, etc.).

If you are a Physical Therapist Assistant you must obtain thirty (30) hours of approved continuing education every two (2) years (i.e. – from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015, etc.).

The continuing education requirements (methods of obtaining hours) and a list of approved continuing education courses are available on our web site. The list is updated after every Committee meeting. If a course is not on the list it has not been approved. The application to request approval is also available on the web site.

Please note that the number of hours on your certificate of completion may not match the number of hours approved by the Committee – always check the approved course list.

If you have questions regarding continuing education please contact our office.

435:20-9-2. Continuing education requirements for renewal

(a) Beginning with the renewal period ending January 31, 2000 and every two years thereafter, the applicant for renewal of licensure shall sign a statement indicating whether or not continuing education requirements have been fulfilled for the preceding two-year period.

(b) Effective January 1, 2004 and every two years thereafter, physical therapists will be required to show proof of forty (40) approved contact hours and Physical Therapist Assistants will be required to show proof of thirty (30) approved contact hours.

(1) At least half of the required hours must be Category A as set out in subsection 435:20-9-3(b) except as provided in 435:20-9-3(a)(3).

(2) Three of the required hours must contain ethics education that includes the APTA Guide for Professional Conduct and the APTA Code of Ethics.

(3) No continuing education hours may be carried over from one compliance period to another.

(c) Any applicant for renewal who cannot meet the requirements for continuing education may not renew until deficient hours are obtained and verified. Additionally, within the next compliance period the licensee will be required to obtain double the required hours of approved continuing education. At least half of the required hours must be Category A. Proof of meeting the additional requirements, as verified by an audit, will be required in order to renew at the end of the next compliance period. Failure to meet these additional requirements will result in disciplinary action.

(d) Each licensee is responsible for maintaining evidence/proof/record of participation in a continuing education experience for a minimum of four years. Copies of such proof shall be submitted to the Board upon request. Such proof shall include:

(1) date, place, course title, schedule, presenter(s), etc.,

(2) number of contact hours for activity,

(3) proof of completion, such as abstracts, certificates of attendance, or other certification of completion.

(e) Any physical therapist or physical therapist assistant initially licensed in Oklahoma during the second year of an accounting period shall be exempt from the continuing education requirements for that first renewal period.

(f) The Physical Therapy Committee shall conduct random audits of the continuing education records of the number of licensees that time and resources permit. The Physical Therapy Committee may appoint a sub-committee to review audits and requests for approval of continuing education experiences and make recommendations to the Physical Therapy Committee for disposition.

(g) Penalties for failure to comply with continuing education requirements may be assessed after notice and hearing as required by law. Penalties may include imposition of additional continuing education contact hours, probation of license, suspension of license, or revocation of license.

(h) Failure to maintain records of continuing education rebuts the presumption that continuing education requirements have been completed.

(i) Misrepresenting compliance with continuing education requirements constitutes a fraudulent application.


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2021 CEU Audit Deadline - PT and PTA CE courses for this renewal period must be submitted no later than midnight on January 1, 2022.
PT News April 2020. articles:COVID-19, Temporary letters, Compact licenses
PT News May 2019 - articles: CE Requests, Supervision
PT News Spring 2019 - articles: Who's Who In PT in OK, Emeritus status, Temporary Permits, PT Home Page
Physical Therapy Advisor Newsletter Vol 10 No. 1 - Winter 2015
Physical Therapy Advisor newsletter Vol 9 No. 1 - Spring 2012
Fall 2009 Newsletter - Updated November 2009
Fall 2008
Spring 2005 Newsletter
Physical Therapists Spring 2003 Newsletter
Newsletter - June 1999

Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I obtain written verification of a license?
    Please use our Online Bill-Pay site to order your license verification letter or you may send a written request with the fee of $25. Verifications that are accompanied by the appropriate fee are processed and mailed daily.
  2. When will I get a renewal notice?
    Although there is no statutory requirement to give notice, the Board does mail renewal notice postcards to your mailing address on file and several emails to email on file starting approximately sixty (60) and thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of a license. Please keep the Board informed of your current mailing and email address at all times. If you did not receive a notice, contact the Board office and a duplicate will be sent. Any renewal post-marked after the expiration date is considered late and the late fee will be required. Not receiving a renewal notice is not grounds for waiving the late fee.
  3. How do I renew my license and update my personal/practice profile to include my address and emails?
    Go to the Licensee/Applicant Login page to see if your profession can renew online. If your profession is not listed please contact the Board immediately.
  4. When and How can I get a new wallet card?
    Go to Print/Download your Wallet Card and login with the same credentials you used to renew online. If you did not renew online and/or your profession is not listed as one that can renew online please contact the Board to obtain your PIN number. You will have access to your current wallet card and your license profile page 24/7. We stopped printing and mailing wallet cards since early 2018.

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