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Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision

How to apply for an Initial MD License

You may apply for an Initial MD license by going online to: https://www.ok.gov/medlic/licensing/app/menu.php

Reminder: Oklahoma Administrative Code Section 435:10-4-1(c) states:

"The Board shall not engage in any application process with any agent or representative of any applicant except as is specifically approved by the Board at a meeting of the Board and majority vote. The Board shall entertain a request for authority for an agent or representative to represent an applicant only upon written motion by the applicant and after a personal interview with the applicant by the Secretary of the Board or the Board en banc. It is the purpose of the Board in this regard to prevent any subterfuge in the application process and so requires any person who wishes to employ an agent or representative to meet personally with the Board or Secretary."